In today’s always-connected society,
it is critical for businesses to be prepared for the best and the worst,
as news can spread like a wildfire during a drought
across a fully-networked media ecosystem.


What is
crisis communications?

Trying to mitigate damage to your company’s reputation by third party sources?

It’s the reverse of traditional public relations, where you’re trying to acquire the attention and approval of third parties, earning media through your good works, your brand, your insights. Crisis communications turns that on its head by dealing with negative earned media. In many ways, it’s analogous to putting out a fire. A fire requires three things to burn – heat (energy), fuel, and oxygen or a catalyst like oxygen (speed). Take away any one of those elements and the fire goes out.

In a crisis communications situation, something has gone wrong and your brand is on fire. There’s the something you did or something you’re responsible for – the fuel. There’s the tide of public opinion – the heat, the energy. There’s your speed of reaction to it – the catalyst. As with real fires, if you deny the fire any one of these sources, you break the chain reaction that causes fire and it burns itself out.

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Our expertise preserves
our clients' valuable reputations and brands.

Stakeholders are demanding new levels of transparency and accountability. Every company is or will be in crisis. Those that answer the call transform a PR crisis into an opportunity. Those that don’t, risk everything

In today’s highly transparent, rapidly moving regulatory social and media environment, traditional issue and crisis management capabilities are insufficient. This always-on era of engagement requires a culture of preparedness. A multi-faceted preparedness strategy must include the ability to anticipate, and see around corners to prevent and diffuse issues. The capability to be constantly prepared with a practiced team and proven rapid response expertise, combined with the knowledge to protect and restore reputation are critical..

DNA Communication helps its clients anticipate, prepare for and manage issues and negative events affecting their reputation. And when bad news strikes, DNA Communication provides the strategic counsel and expertise to ensure that clients respond in a timely, appropriate and confident manner to achieve the best possible outcome..